Meet our Staff


Mr. J. Sackett - Head Instructor
Roku-Dan (6th degree black belt)

Mr. J. Sackett started his karate journey at the age of 7 years old back on November 7, 1985 at the Rockaway Karate Academy. His parents Dan and Lois Sackett brought him down to the dojo because older brother Adam was already studying and Jonathan had asked them constantly to go down and train. The two boys were always fighting at home and constantly getting into trouble together. He needed to learn to improve concentration, self control, self respect, self discipline, and above all self defense. Mr. Sackett took to Karate immediately. He tried many different activities growing up, but Karate stood above all! On December 5, 1993 at the age of 15 Mr. Sackett received the prestigious rank of Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt) from his Sensei Miss J Felenczak. 

Mr. Sackett also started attending the American Budo Kai summer Karate camp back in 1987 and he has been on staff ever since 1994. Mr. Sackett became an assistant instructor with his teacher in 1994 and continued to do until he graduated from Rutgers University in 2000. He started instructing his own class in April 2001 on Wednesday nights for kids at the Rockaway Karate Academy. Six months later he started teaching the teen and adult class as well. On August 28, 2014  Mr Sackett received his current rank of Roku-Dan (6th degree black belt). Mr. Sackett has seen many of his students under his tutelage elevated to Jr Black Belt and Sho-Dan.

In 2010 Mr. Sackett started working with his teacher to open up his own Karate Dojo. He trained with her to learn all the ins and outs of running an American Budo Kai certified dojo. Mr. Sackett spoke with his family about his dream of running his own dojo and this is when he decided to partner up with his brother Adam to make this dream a reality. On October 5, 2012 Family Martial Arts Center was opened in Parsippany, NJ helping Mr. Sackett realize his dream. Mr. Sackett currently teaches Wednesday and Thursday nights at Family Martial Arts Center in Parsippany.  Family Martial Arts Center was recognized as a certified American Budo Kai dojo on December 2, 2012 fulfilling another dream of Mr Sackett's! 

Please stop down at the dojo to see Mr Sackett and his dream of the Family Martial Arts Center of Parsippany in action! 

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Mr. A. Sackett – Senior Instructor
Go-Dan (5th degree black belt)

Mr. Adam Sackett started his karate journey at the age of 10 years old back on February 11, 1984 at the Rockaway Karate Academy. His parents Dan and Lois Sackett brought him down to the dojo along with a family friend to help increase his confidence, self control, and focus. Adam fell in love immediately with the Dojo. It didn’t matter how big, fast, small, strong you were, anyone is able to train in Karate, and Adam loved that fact. Also, unlike team sports, each student received equal attention and their chance to shine and was  an equal part of the Dojo team.  

On June 27, 1991 at the age of 17  Mr. Sackett received the prestigious rank of Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt) from his Sensei Miss J Felenczak. On December 7,  2014 Mr. Sackett received the rank of Go-Dan (5th degree black belt) at our shiai.

Mr. Sackett also started attending the American Budo Kai summer Karate camp back in 1986 and was a member of the Staff for over a decade at the Camp.  Mr. Sackett became an assistant instructor in 1989 and then a certified instructor in 1999. He started instructing his own class that year on Tuesday nights for kids, teens, and adults at the Kenvil Karate Academy.

Due to family and work commitments, Adam took an eight year hiatus from his karate studies, but returned in 2011 to train under his original Sensei, Miss J Felenczak.  In 2011 Adam teamed with his brother Jonathan to begin their search on fulfilling their next part of their Martial Arts dream, opening their own Dojo. This dream began on October 5, 2012 with the opening of the Family Martial Arts Center in Parsippany, NJ.  Adam Currently teaches the Monday and Friday classes at the school.

Adam has extensive training in Isshinryu Karate, Judo, and Weapons and loves to share this knowledge. His flexible and his caring teaching style have earned him many accolades.

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Mr M. Nowak - Senior Instructor

Shichi-Dan (7th Degree Black Belt)

Mr. M. Nowak started his karate career in 1984 and quickly came to enjoy all the various activities, including our karate camp.

In 1991, he was introduced to teaching through our Future Instructor Special Training, or F.I.S.T. Program, while still working hard towards his black belt.

In June of 1992, at our karate camp, he made Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt)

In 1994, his F.I.S.T. training led him to become a senior instructor with his own class at Sparta Karate Academy.

In 2011, he moved to teaching at Rockaway Karate Academy. In December of 2017 Mr. Nowak was promoted to Shichi-Dan (7th Degree Black Belt_.

Mr. Nowak has spent 20 years of his karate career assisting as a staff member at our annual camp and has taken part in many seminars hosted by Master Advincula for the American Budo Kai to further his karate training.

In 2016, as Family Martial Arts Center looked to expand its class schedule and add a Saturday morning class, Mr. Nowak answered the call and FMAC is proud to have him as our Saturday Instructor.

Mr. S. Hopler- Instructor

Sho-dan (1st degree black belt)

Mr. S. Hopler started at his karate adventure at Family Martial Arts Center in December 2012. After a free trial, it immediately became the time of the week that he looked forward to the most. The challenging nature keeps the whole experience fun and fresh, as well as, informative. Learning self-defense is a concept that nowadays has become more necessary to know. Karate has also been a great teacher in other aspects. It has taught him the value of responsibility and respect. Karate has also become an enormous boost to his health, both physical and mental. Through his hard work and dedication to martial arts, he has climbed the ranks to his current rank of Sho-dan (1st Degree Black belt) at our December 2017 Shiai.

In October of 2014, Mr. Hopler received the honor to help with the Wednesday Junior class. A month later, he brought his passion to the Thursday Junior class, as well.  Mr. Hopler can often be found working with students on various stretches and routines before class.  He now has the opportunity to give back some of the most important parts that he received from joining FMAC; he has the chance to help his fellow students learn the concepts bestowed upon him.

Future Instructor Special Training

Our F.I.S.T. program consists of dedicated students training to one day become instructors.  They assist instructors in supervising and teaching class.

Mr. Arron Sackett
Junior Black Belt

Miss S. Sackett
Junior Black Belt

Mr. M. Regula
Ik-Kyu (1st Degree Brown Belt)

Miss J. Mantilla
Ik-Kyu (1
st Degree Brown Belt)

Mr. A Sharma
Ik-Kyu (1st Degree Brown Belt)

Miss K. Vaz, Sr.
Ni-Kyu (2nd Degree Brown Belt)

Miss K. Vaz, Jr.
Ni-Kyu (2nd Degree Brown Belt)